Thursday, March 17, 2011

IKEA's new lamp

I am not a decor snob. I love whatever appeals to my personal taste, regardless of its price tag and brand name (actually I cringe when people trend-shop, and I also do not care for logos on anything because they just seem like walking advertisements. If there is a shirt with a visible logo on the outside of it, it turns me off, even if it is a brand I generally like, and I end up not buying it). Speaking of affordable buys, I have so many stuff from IKEA and Target, some I kept them as is, some I transformed into  more personalized, D.I.Y. projects. I mean I really try to get the best possible deal for whatever I like, so if I find something cool at a cheap place, I grab it, always have and always will. It is all about whether I fancy the item or not, and not where it came from.

I was looking at IKEA's website and in their new products section, I came across this lamp, which is so Scandinavian looking, as it should since it is IKEA and all, and it's very modern, crisp looking with a cute design. Now, granted I have not seen it in person, but I really like it in the pictures, although we all know pics can be deceiving sometimes. It is called Torna lamp, and it is $69.99, which is kinda high for IKEA, so I would wait till it goes on sale....Speaking of IKEA, I am known to go there just for food; the Swedish meatballs and the Almondy Daim almond tart, which I have been officially addicted to for years, are just enough reasons to make the trip to Red Hook in Brooklyn. Before the Red Hook one, I used to go to the Newark, NJ store or the one in Long island, even JUST FOR FOOD!
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