Monday, March 21, 2011

Irregular Choice shoes and Etsy jewelry

I like this steampunk ring and necklace on

I love Irregular Choice (they also have a more subdued sister company called Poetic Licence); their creativity rocks. Some of my favourite shoes are from them, but I don't love everything they do; in fact there are quite a number of shoes from them that I do not like and would not wear, and by that I mean "over my dead body" kind of would-not-wear,  but even those that I do not like, I tip my hat to because every single pair of shoes from this brand , even those that are not to my liking, are undoubtedly creative and nothing like you see from any other shoe brand out there, which is why I salute this British brand for being outside of the box. The exception is their men's shoes, which are lacking in creativity compared to some of their women's styles.

Anyway, I have been wearing stuff from Irregular Choice for many many years. My latest buy was these boots last year. I am a sucker for black/white or black/red polka dots AND those cute heels and the quilting-type stitching details and everything else are terribly adorable, but wearable at the same time.

And below I am also posting some of my favourites from their new designs.

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