Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My best list for desserts in NYC and LA

Having lived in LA for about 4 years and having been living in NYC for over 10 years now, I have gathered a list of my favourite places to eat certain desserts I like at in the US. I am Turkish and have not found a single Turkish restaurant in those two cities that is as good as the ones in Turkey, so there won't be any on my list. Turkish cuisine is rich, exquisite and very delicious, but I suggest you visit Turkey to get the best of the best. I also lived in Seattle for a very short time, but that was many many moons ago and the places I liked may be closed now for all I know, so I will also skip Seattle in the list. So, here it is, my best list for those who have a sweet tooth or two:

  • House of Pies,  Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA: This place has the most delicious blueberry cheesecake pie I have ever eaten. And it is 24 hrs open (or was when I lived there), AND it was only 6 blocks from where I lived, which meant many 2 am runs to get a cheesecake pie because of sudden cravings. Well worth it. 
  • Canter's Delicatessen, , Los Angeles, CA: there are so many yummy pastries there, but my favourite has been the Hungarian cheesecake. You will want more.
  • Chelsea Market, New York, NY: If you are a foodie like me, you MUST go to this place if you live in or visit NYC. It has many stores in it that have all kinds of delicious food. But my favourites are lobster roll at the Lobster Place and carrot cake with cream cheese icing at Amy's Bread.
  • Caffe Dante, Greenwich Village, New York, NY: On a Food Network show I heard a famous chef say it had the best cannoli in town. And when I tried it, it really was delicious, but I have not eaten cannoli in enough places in NYC to classify it as the "best" yet, but so far it has been the best of the cannolis that I have eaten for sure.
  • Eataly, New York, NY: This is a bit of a high end Italian shops/mall place where you can shop Italian goods or sit down to eat. One of its co-owners is the famous chef Mario Batali. It is very pricey, so it can not be a frequent stop for me by any means, but for once in a blue moon it is worth a visit. One of the things I got there was baba al rum dessert, and it was very delicious.
  • Fran├žois Payard Bakery, New York, NY: This bakery is very close to Caffe Dante, so you can visit both places on the same day. I love their coffee macarons (pictured below). They are the yummiest macarons I have ever tasted.
  • Balthazar Bakery, Soho, New York, NY: Great French pastries. It has the best croissants. Try them with their great lemonade in the summer. 

Now, I can't finish this post without any pictures, right? In no particular order, here are some pictures:

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