Monday, March 21, 2011

New buys, new finds

I bought two decor items this past month. One is a black crocheted bowl, which is shipped but I have not received yet. The yarn that forms it is neoprine rubber, a material which is used frequently in plumbling and the motorcycle industry. The bowls, which are hand-made in Italy, are strong and durable despite their delicate appearance.

  I also bought this  vase by Chapeaux. I got them at Gretelhome.

I was looking at Horchow. And I have to say that 90% the stuff that they sell I am not that interested in, as they are mostly classic or traditional, neither of which I am much into. But they also sell antiques or vintage inspired items, or in rare cases, industrial looking pieces, which is why it is worth a look every now and then. I liked these two items, a kilim ottoman and a rustic/industrial dining table, which I would put together with modern chairs to give a nice contrast, like the chairs I had photoshopped into one of my collage-like decor pictures, which I am posting below. I also photoshopped  Jonathan Adler's Dora Maar vase in that picture, which I have been wanting for YEARS.

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