Sunday, April 24, 2011

For your consideration : Sale at West Elm

I just purchased these on, and wanted to share with you in case you might consider them as well, since right now all these particular items are on sale and have free shipping. Plus, on top of the store sale,  I also had a 20% coupon to use, which was a one-time use only coupon, but unfortunately I highly doubt the code I got will work for you, because unlike most coupon codes this is very individualized and I believe different codes were printed inside each mailed catalogue. But if you want, you can try it to see if it'll work: the code I got is 6MNW-CZ4R-DTLM. The expiration is 5/15/2011.

This is a very long pillow (14" x 36"). Perfect for a bed or a sofa. It is a 100% Indian silk hand loomed Ikat pillow, and it looks very organic and raw.

Love these porcelain birdhouses. Birds not included. ;)
Going with the bird theme today.  These plates are too cute to cover with food, no matter how delicious the food is. You may even want to hang them on your wall as a set, if your wall color is complementary. I have enough things on my kitchen walls, so I am just going to eat off of them.

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