Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lamps and a space monkey

Check out this Bookrest lamp by Suck UK at Emmohome.

Also I like these block lamps by Harri Koskinen for DHS at unicahome, especially the one with the red cord.

OK, I am not one of those adults who has stuffed animal toys in their house, because they have not grown out of their Disney years. Stuffed animals and I parted ways even before I got out of childhood. Even during childhood I would prefer make-believe toys, like making puppets out of a nail clipper than the stuffed toy or the big doll sitting in the room. Anyhoo, my point being I am NOT someone you would think would have any toys in the house at this age. That said, anyone reading my blog long enough would realize that I like humour in my home decor; just not downright 6-year old stuffed teddy bears, which are not funny, but just childish.

After all that explanation above, let me get to the point. I got myself this giant Space Monkey by Dalek on ebay, because I really love this 9" colorful, grinny, knife-wielding thing sitting on my shelf next to other decor items. It gives a pop of color and humour with the knife and everything, and it is not so much regarded as a toy, as it is more bought to be put on a shelf and not necessarily be played by 6 year olds, although of course if you have kids, sure, it can be an instant toy, as long as you make sure your kid doesn't swallow the knife or the extra third eye at the back.

Another reason I bought is because when it loses its humour in my future retirement-chic home 25 years from now, I can sell it, and because it is a collector's item which was made in limited numbers (500 to be exact) and it is by a world-renowned artist, it will only gain value in time. So when it is time to say goodbye to it, you can take it to ebay and make enough money to buy a fancy cane for those brittle bones.

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