Monday, April 18, 2011

One Kings Lane/ purchase

I found good deals on Onekingslane today. I am sharing what I bought and similar items there so that in case you want to purchase them yourself, you won't miss the sale, as the sales last only a few days, like this particular sale (all items below are from the "Working Class" sale. Remember there are many other brands on sale, not just one) will end on Thursday 4/21, but of course the items may be sold out before then, so act quick. If you are interested in Onekingslane, please click here for my invite.

What I bought:

This set of three bags is $12:

Love this apron. And because I cook a lot, I was in need of a cute apron. It was $12.
I have so many pillows at home, it is ridiculous. I rotate them. And I just love the sunny colors on these pillows, so I had to get them, considering they were really inexpensive. Easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet.
And these are some more from that sale:

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