Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orla Kiely goodness

Today I want to talk a little bit about about Irish designer Orla Kiely. Her retro patterns are so yummy to me that I could not resist having  pieces of it myself. In the past years I have bought Orla Kiely handbags, wallet, mugs, plates, rain boots, which are my favourite to this day. I can't say I like all her patterns, but the ones I like I really LOOOVE, like the stem ones that these jars and bags have.

I own this bag below, which I got at an ideeli sale, and it cost me less than $50, which was a good deal, considering its regular price.

I also have these rainboots, which are my favourite rain boots of all time, because they are thick enough that when I wear them in knee-high snow, it keeps my feet warm and dry, unlike thin, flimsy rainboots out there. And the green tone is not loud, but is cozy and cute. I got them two years ago at a super sale on bluefly ; there was sale on already reduced items.

This is a picture of my coat rack from my entryway, (picture quality is not good, because I had really low lighting and not the best camera) where you can spot one of my Orla Kiely bags, which I got on ebay 3 years ago and have used a lot since then.  Her handbags are also very durable, and will look as cute in ten years as they do now.

OK, this is the fourth time that I am posting a radio here (as I said before, it is a curious thing because I don't really listen to radio, but can not stop myself from admiring some of the lovable designs out there).

I also would love to buy Orla kiely wallpaper in this pattern below. Right now I don't have any immediate need for wallpaper, but if I move and have the need for a wallpaper, this will be it, which is why I am on the lookout for it to go on sale, because as soon as I find it at a reduced price, I will stock it for that rainy, wallpaper day.

Speaking of wallpapers, I like the picture below of a staircase that is covered with Orla Kiely wallpapers. I don't know who this picture belongs to, so I can not give full credit, but kudos to whoever did this. A nice way to use wallpapers.
And of course Orla Kiely also produces her patterns in fabric, which means absolutely cute chairs like this which you want to hug. PS: I know I said "cute" a lot in this post, but if "cute" perfectly describes these items, why bother with another word.
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