Thursday, April 7, 2011


I want to share my favourites from the site called uncommongoods.

I really like this teakl bowl.

Who says bird houses are for outside only? I don't have a bird nor an "outside" such as a backyard since I live in a condo in Brooklyn, but I would definitely use this as a home decor in one of my rooms.

Looove this robot-pot. You gotta have some humour in your decor too; something to put a smile to your face when you sit on your chair with a cup of tea.

This gun vase is interesting. Not sure I would buy it for myself, but interesting enough that I would consider it as a gift.
 I love these distorted candleholders. And that muted blue is gorgeous.
 This faucet sculpture is the definition of a "conversation piece".
 Bike chain bowl; cool for an entryway table.

Bike chain frame. Great frame gift for a guy.

Now these jar tiles may not work for everyone, because they just may not go well with every wall or backsplash, but for those who can make it work into their existing decor, this is definitely something to consider, as they are so adorable. 
 I love this bookshelf. Of course you can D.I.Y. it by using two identical coffee tables and sawing them in half, and you will get four shelves, which then you can paint in any color and attach them on top of one and another, and get to save money by doing that.
These look like the real thing, but they are actually glass balloons. Sooo cute. A must-consider for a nursery.

Cool rope door stop.
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  1. I love your ideas!

    Here's an instruction on how to make the doorstop:

  2. Thank you so much!

    Just clicked on your blog and LOVE it even though I could not understand a word of it, as it wasn't in English. But loved the pictures for sure.