Friday, May 20, 2011

Jonathan Adler warehouse sale happening right now!

Someone pinch me! I feel like I just got a great birthday present, even though that dreaded date is in December. I went to Jonathan Adler's warehouse sale which is being held in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This was the first day, and I went there 15 min before the opening time, thinking I would be there like a lone bird waiting in front of the gate, but there were almost 50 people already in line when I got there. When they let us in, everyone rushed in. There were so many things on display; pottery, furniture, lighting, etc, but I used my laser eyes to quickly scan the setup and went for what I came for, and lucky me because the faces vase (Dora Maar vase) and the rhino box were only one each on display, which means I was lucky to grab them as early as I did, because they are such sought after pieces.

And this is the awesome craziness of it all: had I bought them all at retail value in store, the cost would have been $ 800, but I only paid $ 120. Another way to look at it is what I paid for all of them is less than half of the store price for the Dora Maar vase.

The sale will continue until the end of May 22. It is at 513 Irving avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Here is a picture of everything I got today all together:

I am editing this post to add that I went to the sale again, because there were a few things that I had passed yesterday, as they were not on my immediate to-buy list, but after re-considering  (especially keeping in mind the price, which is a great value), I decided to go get them. So here they are in the picture below. The store value for all those in the picture below is $ 170, while I paid only $ 25 for all of them.

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