Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ebay win / Sigerson Morrison shoes

I am so thrilled about these new shoes I got really cheap on ebay today that I wanted to share their loveliness. They are by Belle by Sigerson Morrison. I love patent leather flats to begin with, and I find that particular green in patent leather especially adorable. Plus, the cut-out details and the flap in the center of them are very cute, and it is a very nice fit on the feet, as all Sigerson Morrison shoes are from my experience. Plus, we have the woven jute details around the bottom, which I have previously professed to love.

It was a total steal. New in box, and I won it at $33, when it had a retail value of $230. I never pay retail for anything. I shop primarily online; mostly I visit discount sites like gilt, ruelala, ideeli, hautelook, etc etc, and sometimes I come across good deals on ebay as well. Or I use coupon codes on pretty much any site out there when the items I desire go on sale. I save tons of money in a year. And I strongly suggest anybody reading this to do the same. You just gotta be patient, and not impulsively buy anything at full retail value.

 I do the same with grocery shopping by using lots of coupons.  For example, recently I got John Frieda hair dyes for free at Target. They were on sale at $ 12 , and I had  two manufacturer's coupons for $ 5 each and two Target coupons for $ 5 each ( at Target you can use both a manufacturer's coupon AND a Target coupon for the same item), and Target also had an additional promotion of if you bought two, you would get a $5 gift card. So, I bought two and not only did I get the hair dyes for free, but I even ended up making $1. Why not save money when you possibly can? Because anything else is pretty much throwing away money. And everybody, except perhaps for the filthy rich, can use some saving.

Quirky kitchen tools

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lovely shoes

I want to make a shoes post today. I have always loved wedges, and this summer there were so many to choose from. My favourite has always been the jute ones, because it is such a raw material  that it makes the sandal look so natural and organic.

I don't normally wear heels, but high wedges are no problem to walk in. Like this woven jute one by BCBGMaxAzria:
I also love these sandals by Jil Sander. They are a mix of a Birkenstock and color-block wedges. And I have always loved the gray/silver-yellow color combination:
And one of my favourite brands due to the high-quality leather and other materials they use, is Sigerson Morrison, especially their Belle collections. This one with these colorful, beautiful ribbon lace-ups are great flats. They come as wedges too, but I got the beige suede flat ones (it had lots of colors from the ribbons but also was very summery because of the beige suede),  as soon as they went on sale for half the retail price. Here is the red one, and below is a picture of the beige suede one on my foot.